About Old South Preschool

Old South Preschool is a weekday, non-religious early education program that serves approximately 40 children, ages 2 – 5. Our program offers an emergent curriculum, play-centered learning, an experienced and caring staff, and flexible scheduling at an affordable price. Conveniently situated in Boston’s Copley Square, we take full advantage of our city location, regularly bringing classrooms on outdoor excursions. Families and program staff create a vibrant, interconnected community that holds the development of a child’s wholeness as its focus.

Program History

In 1942, Old South Church’s members organized the 2-day per week, informally structured, Tuesday/Thursday Preschool as one part of the church’s community outreach work, providing a respite for families experiencing the upheavals of the period. After about 25 years, in an effort to meet the changing needs of families with young children in the city better, the school transitioned to a broader programmatic and philosophical focus. The schedule options expanded to 3, 4 and 5 days. As organized today, Old South Preschool acknowledges its origins, occupying a part-time scheduling niche rarely found now in early education facilities in the city of Boston.


Today, we ascribe to the philosophy that child development is a holistic process, and we support children in growing not just as learners, but as well-rounded, mindful people. Our attitude, philosophy, and approach aim to engender kindness, independence, determination, effort, perseverance, thoughtfulness, curiosity, creativity, and ingenuity in our students. To promote these values, we employ emergent curriculum principles, encouraging children to ask questions about the world around them, and then build upon their interests.

At Old South Preschool, we focus on experiential learning through play and exploration, inside and out. All of our teaching happens within the context of children’s lives and the city of Boston. Outside excursions are a near-daily occurrence, utilizing our central location as a launching pad to explore playgrounds, nature, museums, and the world around us. Children at Old South Preschool deeply investigate their environs, preparing them to be lifelong learners.